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Highly Equipped, Highly Effective

Proud of reaching its 32nd year, Betsan Mosaix, with its quarter-century experience, is moving one step ahead of Europe in mosaic production and switching to the revolutionary SilyCord Polyurethane System.

As a result of 3 years of R&D studies, which we started by seeing the problems experienced by our sector due to cost-oriented production in the market;

By renewing our production line, we have started the production of mosaics with the SilyCord System, which completely eliminates the problems experienced in mosaics with paper, mesh and dot carriers.

SilyCord System; It is a system that you can use in all your projects without any problems, with its advantages of cost-time savings, easy workmanship and longevity in application, post-application and stocking issues.

You can contact our company to request more detailed information, documents and samples about the SilyCord Polyurethane System, which is produced in cooperation with 100% Turkish R&D studies and Italian technology.

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